Enjoy Learning Guitar

JelGi for adults

Accompaniment on the guitar or the C guitar

Standard tuning consists of the following notes E-A-d-g-b-e‘ and each chord requires a different grip of the left hand. Adults playing gradually improves from LEVEL I and II to LEVEL III.

If an open C tuning is used with the strings tuned to C-G-c-g-c‘-e‘the chords simply only require a simple barré fingeringFor minor chords damp the thinnest plastic string.


JelGi for children aged 2 years and above

Accompaniment with C guitars and Orff instruments

Children in nursery schools like to play C guitars, because normal chord fingering isn't possible at this age. Using LEVEL II or III, children ensembles play on two or more guitarsSeveral simple Capos produce the desired chords.


JelGi from the age of 7 years

Accompaniment with guitars and orchestral instruments

Children at primary and secondary schools either play with normally tuned guitars at basic LEVEL or with C guitars at a more advanced LEVEL. Keyboards or orchestral instruments complement the guitars in many ways.