Enjoy Learning Guitar

JelGi for adults

Accompaniment on the guitar or the C guitar

The guitar is one of the best-loved instruments of all time, but few people ever learn how to play it. The reason is often the difficult chord fingering with the left hand. This is why Udo Zilkens has developed the international JelGi method. It uses a C-major tuning and makes song accompaniment child‘s play. Within minutes a wide range of songs can be accompanied by old and young from the age of 2 years and above.


Standard tuning consists of the following notes E-A-D-G-B-E and each chord requires a different fingering with the left hand. Regular und intensive training is necessary. If an open C tuning is used with the strings tuned to C-G-C-G-C-E, only simple barré chords are required. For minor chords the thinnest nylon string is not played. Songs of every style can be accompanied very easily, quickly and intuitively.


JelGi for children aged 2 years and above & senior citizen

Accompaniment with C guitars and xylophones

Young children aged 2 years and above in day-care centres or schools and senior citizens aged up to 100 years - even with disabilities - like to play C guitars because normal fingering is not usually possible at these ages. For songs with one, two or three chords, children or senior citizens ensembles play on several guitars. Simple capos are used to produce the desired chords. Children at primary and secondary schools either play with normally tuned guitars at a basic level or with C guitars at a more advanced level. Orff instruments and other instruments can complement the guitars in many ways.


JelGi from the age of 7 years

Accompaniment with guitars and orchestral instruments

Small children discover that singing together and making music with instruments is great fun. A

child’s musical development is accelerated through the JelGi method. They quickly gain practical

experience of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic structures in music with their body, voice and

instruments. The JelGi method motivates small children interested in music to learn guitar or other

classical instruments privately.


Older children and adults who play traditional guitar or other solo instruments should participate

in ensemble playing at their respective niveau. The melody of a song may be played on a flute,

violin or other instruments. As the G and E nylon strings are tuned the same way in the JelGi

method as on a conventional guitar, children in normal guitar lessons can use the JelGi numbers

on both these strings. Alternatively they may play the complete melody using traditional notes.